BR Series Power Chucks with Gripping Accuracy of Up to 0.01mm T.I.R After Jaw Forming

Kitagawa Power Chucks have been selected by the world’s leading machine tool OEMs for over 50 years. After many years of research and development, Kitagawa introduces their Next Generation design, the new BR Series of Power Chucks. The new flagship line of Power Chucks are designed to achieve the level of industry acceptance of its famed predecessor the B200 and BB200 Series (Big Bore), as it now takes gripping accuracy to a new level unprecedented in the metalworking/machining industry.

The industry standard for repeatability (clamping a workpiece, zero out indicator, unclamp and re-clamp the same workpiece) with a set of formed jaws (where the jaws are turned to match the diameter of the workpiece) was 20 microns. The BR Power Chuck Series has increased this accuracy to below 10 microns. This degree of high accuracy machining can be accomplished now with the BR Series as a standard specification.

Kitagawa High Precision, Ultra-large Through-Hole, BR Series Power Chucks

The standard has evolved.

  • Gripping accuracy of 0.01 mm T.I.R. or less Note 4
  • Reduced jaw-lift
  • Interchangeable with Kitagawa B-200 and BB200 series
  • With Tnut-Plus optional dedicated T-nuts, the repeatability of jaws at detaching and attaching is 0.01 mm T.I.R. or less Note 4

*CE correspondence

Note 1) The gripping accuracy is the Total Indicator Reading of a test bar right after forming jaws to grip a test bar.

Note 2) The repeatability is the Total Indicator Reading of a test bar measured by detaching the formed jaws from the chuck and mounting them again in the same position.

Note 3) Both gripping accuracy and repeatability are the T.I.R. of a test bar at 10 mm above from Kitagawa standard soft jaw.

All the above criteria are based on our internal regulations.

Note 4) Both accuracies for only BR12 are 0.015 mm T.I.R.

PAT 6345375

PAT 6345321

Product Specifications

Through-hole (mm)536681106
Gripping Range (mm)Max.170210254315
Jaw Stroke (Diameter) (mm)
Plunger Stroke (mm)12161923
Max. Draw Bar Pull Force (kN)23354959
Max. Static Gripping Force (kN)58.590123153
Max. Speed (min-1)6000500045003500
Dynamic Gripping Force at Max. Speed (kN)22.5364450
Moment of Inertia (kg・m2)0.0520.140.320.81
Net Weight (kg) (with Soft Top Jaws)12.822.235.858.3
Matching CylinderSR1453








Outline Drawing2DPDF

Note) The 3D data includes two types of the positions of the jaws for both Parasolid and STEP: open end (UC) and closed end (OC).

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