DLN Dual Lock Chuck for OD

This high performance next generation dual lock chuck has 2 stage gripping and is built exclusively for OD gripping.

The DL Series Chuck, a 2 stage gripping action chuck, has evolved into this next generation dual lock chuck exclusively for OD gripping – now with multiple gripping options in comparison to standard chucks. The DLN series chuck comes in a 6″ and 8″ option.

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  • 2 stage gripping action chuck with parallel jaw gripping, pull back action for work seating
  • Seat confirmation is available
  • Sealed design and pullback action are ideal for automation and volume production
  • Dimension from locator can be controlled easily on the chuck body
  • Serration jaw can be easily formed by the customer


Jaw Stroke (Diam.)in. 0.2170.291
Plunger Strokein. 0.4720.630
Max. Draw Bar Pull Forcelb. 56217870
Max. Gripping Forcelb. 1011914616
Max. Speedrpm 55004400
Net Weightlb. 3966
Matching Cylinderin. Y1020RY1225R
Matching Soft Top Jaw SB06B1SB08B1
Matching Hard Top Jaw HB06B1 HB08B1