MH125N-4 Multi-Power Vise

The Kitagawa MH125N-4 Multi-Power Vise is most suitable for high volume production machining.

Kitagawa’s MH125N-4  vise body is cast iron with a high vibration damping property which provides more stable clamping and machine accuracy ensured by the enhancement toggle mechanism.

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  • Most suitable for long-size work and simultaneous machining of multiple workpieces
  • Cast iron body with a high vibration damping property
  • High rigidity ensured by the integrated body
  • Firm clamping of work ensured by a high clamping force
  • Stable clamping force ensured by the mechanical-type enhancement toggle mechanism
  • Lift-up reduced to minimum, offering stable machining accuracy
  • The VQX-N type jaws can be used

MH125N-4 Tables

MH125N-4 Dimensions

MH125N-4 Accuracy