Power Indexing Chucks

High precision automatic indexing while the spindle is turning allows for greater reduction in cycle time. Excellent for surface finishing.

  • 4×90º, 8×45º, custom angles available.
  • If total quality is your priority, give Kitagawa-NorthTech a call today!
  • Automatic index on the fly, while the spindle is turning!
  • Our experienced staff offers complete product application and service support.

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  • Automatic index on the fly, while spindle is turning!
  • Reduced total cycle time with single component clamping
  • Patented index mechanism (single, large piston with more surface area = stronger index and clamping)
  • Patented positioning arm mechanism (safer index positioning acknowledgement using proximity switches)
  • Faster indexing times
  • Most rigid chuck body available (suitable for hard turning)
  • Heavy rollers on index jaw (vs roller bearings)
  • Excellent surface finishes
  • High precision
  • Easy installation & integration (optional PLC controller)
  • Complete applications, engineering & installation support