A Rich Heritage & Proven Technology 

For over 50 years, Kitagawa workholding products have inspired trust and confidence in machine tool OEMs, dealers, end-users and machine shops alike. Dating back to 1967 when Kitagawa introduced the first Power Chuck, Kitagawa workholding products have stood the test of time. Customers take comfort in knowing their machining operations are running safely and the highest levels of productivity.

 “The Best” Workholding Solutions.

Customers all over the world demand Kitagawa workholding for their operations because they want the most advanced, safe, and reliable workholding solutions available. Simply put, they get “the best” workholding when they specify Kitagawa. Kitagawa workholding allows them to push the boundaries of machining speeds, operational efficiency, productivity, and profits.

Workholding with Incredible Longevity & Durability

Kitagawa Chucks are known for the remarkable longevity – performing day in and day out in some of the most punishing environments. Our average chuck rebuild comes into our facility only after 20-25 years of service life – often from automotive applications that are known for heavy abuse and 24/7 operation.

Technology & Quality Leadership in Workholding

With multiple components machined within tolerances of 1/000 mm, Kitagawa Workholding is quite possibly “the best” in precision, repeatability, and reliability. Kitagawa is paving the way for the future with advanced chucks solutions, combination chucks, automated workholding for lights-out machining and engineered workholding for turning and prismatic applications.

Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing for North America

The Schaumburg, Illinois facility, represents North American headquarters for the company. The facility houses corporate staff, customer service, engineering teams, manufacturing, quality control and testing, production, warehousing and repair and rebuild services. Kitagawa Mexico represents their newest facility established to support customers in Mexico and South America.