SMART GRIP 5 Axis Workholding Systems

Systems Overview

Maximize the Performance of your 5-Axis Machining Center with Rigid & High Accuracy Work-Piece Clamping Systems

The HSK interface (between the head and the work-holder) and the dovetail clamping (between the work-holder and the work-piece) create a compact design with less interference and high rigidity for metalworking applications

The rigid system developed for metalworking applications.

No interference and superior accessibility.

Handling the work-piece is easy using a general-purpose robot.

2-Face Clamping Work-Piece


Dovetail Clamping Work-Holder


HSK Interface Head

Supports Various Work-Piece Shapes

Supports Various Work-Piece Shapes

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Work-Piece Clamping & Mounting Options

Manual Clamping

Mounting Plate

Mounting Plate

Automatic Clamping

Mounting Plate

Mounting Plate

Work-Piece Options

(max. 200mm)

Large Diameters
(max. 200mm) 

(max.depth 30mm )

(max. 40mm)

Small diameters
(max. 25mm)

Quick Work-Piece Changing (Manual Clamping Head)

Off-line setup in advance allows quick work-piece changing, minimizing machine downtime.

Quick Work-Piece Changing
10 Second Change

High Positioning Accuracy


Offsetting the work-piece position in the rotating direction using a touch probe

Measuring two locations along the work-piece side face using a touch probe enables you to offset the machine table angle easily.

BLUM high accuracy touch probe

For Automation (Hydraulic Automatic Clamping Head)

The hydraulic clamping design allows for automated work-piece changing, and makes it possible for you to combine your machining centers with robots to create a fully-automated system.