Hydraulic Automatic Clamping Head – 5 Axis Workholding

• We can provide the operation unit, pump unit, work-stocker, robot finger and tool holder.

• Required specifications at 5-axis machining center, plumbing of 2 channels of hydraulic and 2 channels of pneumatic are required.

• Contact us for details.

Manual Clamping Head Images
Manual Clamping Head
Manual Clamping Head Table

Automation System Overview

Auto Clamping Illustration

Mounting Plate for Hydraulic System

A mounting plate is required for the hydraulic clamping-type auto-head. 

The mounting plate is the adapter for installation on the machine table and for connecting the hydraulic and pneumatic lines.


Please provide us with a detailed drawing of your machine table and the plumbing drawing of your hydraulic and pneumatic lines. We can design and produce an exclusive mounting plate, so please contact us for more information.