Angle Heads Solid Series

  • Hardened Precision Spiral Bevel Gear for Optimum Performance
  • Available in 3 Angle Shaft Configurations: TG100, ER32 Collet, BT30 Master Holder Type
  • Guaranteed Accuracy – .0002″ TIR at Cavity Bore
  • Optional External Coolant Supply for Most Models
  • Rotating Direction of Spindle to Angle Axis = CCW:CW
  • 360° Cutting Direction

Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the MST Solid Series Angle Heads can be switched among machines with the same taper and flange. Equipped with an orientation ring and key, they can be set for any cutting directions.

Model No.:
150-160-8 (Photo Shown)
150-163D-8 (2nd Photo Shown)