Naga Velamakuri to Speak on “Lightweight Engineering in Workholding” at IMTS 2018

Mr. Naga Velamakuri is a Mechanical Engineer at the global Chuck and Workholding leader, Kitagawa NorthTech Inc. Since joining Kitagawa NorthTech Inc. in 2016, he has been charged with the task to develop advanced, custom Workholding solutions. Naga works closely with the design engineering, manufacturing, research and development teams in the organization to develop engineered solutions for customers.

The increasing need to build faster, efficient and economic machines has made light weight and fatigue control are key considerations in the engineering of rotating machine elements. The main concern for machining is to lower the high idle times which is due to the weight of the structures. This is done by constraining the quick acceleration and deceleration cycles. While concentrating on light weight machine elements, we also need to consider their high damping and static stiffness requirements. These considerations are required to ensure the engineered geometries, required rates of production and acceptable surface finish are achieved economically.

One of the new product concepts he developed at Kitagawa is the use of light weight intelligent engineering, a patented technology which is held by Kitagawa NorthTech Inc. In this session, the focus is on the use of lightweight technology, applications and limitations relative to current work holding engineered solutions. Naga holds two patents, has six publications and has a keen interest in understanding the feasibility of light-weight materials in conventional engineering to develop more efficient, smart and economic systems. He currently works out of Kitagawa’s headquarters for the Americas, located in Schaumburg, Illinois.

We urge to see Naga speak on behalf of Kitagawa NorthTech Workholding at this important session and conference event at IMTS 2018.

IMTS Conference Session: Lightweight Engineering in Workholding

Track: Process Innovations

Where: IMTS 2018

When: September 13, Thursday

Time: 1:15-2:10 p.m.

Room: W193-A

Naga Velamakuri, Mechanical Engineer Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc.