Collet Chucks 
B & E Types

  • Most Precise Collet Chuck – .0002″ T.I.R at Length of 4x Diameter
  • Wide Collapse Range upto .080″ per Collet
  • Increase Carbide Tool Life – Average of 200% to 300%
  • Perfect Solution to Reaming Problems (i.e. Oversized, Out-of-Round, Not Straight, Poor Finish, etc.)
  • DETa-1 Can Provide Coolant Thru The Machine Spindle, Pressurised upto 1,000 PSI on E-Type Models.

The MST DETa-1 Collet Chucks are your best solution for drilling, reaming, tapping, and milling. The B & E-Types of DETa-1 Collet Chucks are tightened with intermediate draw bolt, and the nut is eliminated from the nose, resulting in high RPM operation.

B and E-Types are available in 2 models: B070 & B120 and E070 & E120, respectively.