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Date & Time: Thursday, October 22nd, 1:00 – 2:00 pm Central Time

Presentation Abstract: Advanced Manufacturing Optimization using Monte Carlo Simulations by Naga Velamakuri, Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc.

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Presentation Abstract: Advanced Manufacturing Optimization using Monte Carlo Simulations by Naga Velamakuri, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc.

The main intention of advanced manufacturing processes would be to improve the application efficiency. The efficiency of any application depends primarily on utilizing the available engineering space and having a response system in place. Due to conventional manufacturing the difficulty to achieve intricate geometries and in the conventional process checks the limitations to control a real-time process are high. These limitations can be inhibited using additive manufacturing solutions and automated processing for achieving higher efficiencies in any engineering application. Additive manufacturing (AM) solutions are of immense potential given its ability to realize complex, non-traditional geometries in engineered structural materials. The decision-making for the AM parts needs to consider all the variables that might result in complex, highly anisotropic microgeometries which would lead to low performing materials. When we consider automating the conventional methods, the variables involved in any process need to be standardized before relying on a logic driven industrial automation. Monte-Carlo simulations help to evaluate the probability of different outcomes in a process due to the intervention of random variables that cannot easily be predicted. This technique helps to understand the impact of risk and uncertainty in forecasting models which would help in the building of new process in the case of automations and new products in the case of Additive manufactured solutions.
The use of Monte-Carlo simulations for a better control on the entire product development cycle focusing mainly on AM and automations will be discussed in this seminar. 

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